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2024 Workshops 

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Curious and interested in Beekeeping?

These classes are a great introduction: part lecture, part hands-on looking into the magical inner workings of the beehive!

INSTRUCTOR: Beekeeper Phil Rizzuto will share his years of experience of what you need to know before diving in!

DATES:   Sat 4/27 AND Sat 5/4, 10-12:30
             Reserve Sun 5/5 as rain date

LOCATION: Chris's Apiary, 115 Otis Wilson Rd, Erwin, TN 37650

TICKETS: Limited to small class of 10 students.
            $60 Registration includes both classes, Lecture handouts & snacks each day.


Evolution and nature of bees and the hive
Bee life cycle, hive division of labor
How does the Queen manage 30,000 workers??

Hands-on look at equipment: ive box options, frames
Resources lists & pricing 

Phil's passion for caring for the bees is both thoughtful and enthusiastic. More than just 'grab all the honey', his approach is one of true, thoughtful husbandry of the creatures.


While there is no 'natural beekeeping' once we take them in from the wild, Phil's philosophy is to let the hive do their own thing while offering 'minimally invasive management.' This would include protecting the hive from predators, pests, and disease, while strategically providing food and weather protection to facilitate growth and welfare of the hive.

Phil is finishing up his Masters degree in Beekeeping at Cornell University and will be offering upcoming advanced classes and queen bee sales at Chris's Apiary near his home.

Bee anatomy, pests, diseases, predators
Communication & foraging for pollen & nectar
Optimal hive placement, best pollinator plants
Seasonal hive management

Look inside the hive: ID drones, workers, queen


If your organization is interested in sponsoring one of the following workshops,

please email

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